- Date: May 2021

- Measurements 80 cm wide x 100 cm high

- Technique: Oil on canvas

- Painted in Petrés, Sagunto, Valencia

- Pictorial style: figurative surrealism

- Theme: Nature.

- Description:
- A scarlet-colored prickly pear can be glimpsed between the leaves of a large fig tree. A backpacker walks along the trunk of the large tree over a pool of water. The large size of the prickly pear is somewhat threatening for our little character. Its spikes are sharp and damaging.
- The walker continues on his way impassively in the face of such a threat. Above him are pictorial and natural representations that he loves: the leaves of a fig tree, the reflections of a pond or the hanging string of children's toys. The walker travels through a world of dreams, a romantic and passionate world that surrounds him: the splendor of nature.

Contact for acquisitions: josemariacal@gmail.com

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